Save millions in claims.


When we work together, everyone wins. Save big on claims, and show your customers you’re the agency that really cares. 


Each year, policyholders claim over $42 billion in damages. With Kangaroo, you can get those claims back under control.

9.6 billion.png

in flood claims each year

9.8 billion.png

in fire claims each year

1.2 billion.png

in theft claims each year

16 billion.png

in weather claims each year

Source: Insurance Information Institute, Weighted Average Claims 2011-2015. $42B includes claim categories beyond fire, water, weather, theft.


The Kangaroo Solution 

Like our super-simple security systems, rolling out free professional home monitoring to all your policyholders is a breeze.



Contact us to set up a consultation & talk partnerships.



Deploy free Kangaroo systems to your policyholders. We’ll take care of the fulfillment and shipping.



Use our secure data analytics to proactively contact your policyholder, inform underwriting decisions and assess policyholder risk.


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Save millions, increase customer loyalty, and lead the front lines of the insurance revolution.


You’ll get the jump on the market and the best tools in your pocket.

Kangaroo is already in the consumer space, so we’re primed and ready to engage the customer. We’ve designed every part of the Kangaroo experience to be user-friendly with delightful daily interactions, ease of use and prompt, friendly customer support.

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Kangaroo is changing the security & insurance game for good.

But don’t just take it from us. Industry leaders are as excited about what we’re doing as we are.

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