Free home security systems for your neighborhood.


Our grant program provides home security devices and monitoring plans free of charge to your community.


  • Free Kangaroo Motion Sensors.

  • Forever free Kangaroo Basic plan with app-based alarm monitoring.

  • Optional trial Complete plan with pro-monitoring.

  • Distribution and promotion toolkits for your Neighborhood Watch members.


Do even more to make your community safe. 

A Rutgers study showed that increasing the number of homes with security systems in a neighborhood lowers the burglary rate without displacing crime to other areas.


App-based security for all.

Keeping tabs on a home is as easy as downloading our free app, pairing sensors with WiFi, and sticking them up. Then get on with your life, and we’ll keep you updated.


Designed for peace of mind.

Your residents build a system that works for their life. Our hub-free, app-controlled sensors work together to create a perfectly customized home security system.


What you need to do.

It’s easy to get going on the path to a safer community, especially if you use email or social media to communicate with your members.


  1. Fill out the application—no essays to be written, it only takes a few minutes.

  2. Get promotional codes for free motion sensors

  3. Receive an email with a toolkit for promoting the grant

  4. Send out the promotional code via emails, social media posts (Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp), and other means of communications

  5. If your group has meetings or you wish to hold one, we will be in touch to send you devices for distribution

  6. Take a feedback survey on the program




“This product sets up in less than a minute. It’s so smart and intuitive. Amazing in its simplicity. I sent one to my niece for her dorm room. I highly recommend it.”

– Kimberly P.

“I love these motion detectors!!! So much that I have 3. They work well and I love the notifications. Definitely gives you peace of mind.”

– Jaime C.